Bardinet Triple Sec Liqueur 40% 700ml

Bardinet Triple Sec Liqueur 40% 700ml

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Why We Love This

Indulged in rich orange flavours and just a hint of peel. This authentic French liqueur is a high quality additive to your favourite dessert or cocktail.


Bright and zesty citrus notes with a balanced sweetness and hints of herbal complexity.

Tasting Notes 

  • Taste: A delightful burst of citrus flavour, with pronounced orange notes accompanied by subtle hints of lemon and lime. The palate is balanced with a moderate sweetness, providing a refreshing and vibrant drinking experience.
  • Aroma: Dominated by the fragrance of fresh oranges, with hints of lemon zest and a touch of herbal complexity in the background. It exudes a bright and inviting scent that promises a lively and enjoyable taste.
  • Finish: Clean and crisp, with the citrus flavours lingering pleasantly on the palate. There is a subtle herbal undertone that adds depth to the finish, leaving a satisfying and refreshing aftertaste.
  • Food Match: Used for cocktails such Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, Mai Tais. Enjoy neat or on the rocks as a refreshing aperitif. 


Country: France 
Brand Name: Bardinet
Alcohol: 34% 
Size: 700ml
Style: Liqueur


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